LeSportsac and Tokidoki

Updated: August 4, 2018

The particular Cactus Friends, the Moofia, Adios & Ciao Ciao! If you have any idea what I am talking about, it may be as a result of LeSportsac.

LeSportsac got its start as a small trend bag company in 1974. It was popular throughout the 1970’s and part of the 80’s but mellowed out for a while right up until its comeback in the early 2000’s. In 2001, the particular co-owner of LeSportsac, Timothy Schifter, announced that the business would be making some changes. Instead of concentrating on the 35+ age group, the company began designing fashion bags for the young crowd. This decision has led LeSportsac into the heart regarding pop culture territory. The company now has a line supplied by Gwen Stefani and LeSportsac bags have also been seen adorning fashionable Carrie (played by Debbie Jessica Parker) on the popular HBO series Sex inside the City.

This comeback may have been right on-time. In 03 an Italian artist named Simone Legno was identified and entered into a collaboration with the co-founder of the Tough Candy cosmetics company, Pooneh Mohajer, and her partner, Ivan Arnold. Several other collaborations followed but despite the a number of Tokidoki items, until recently many fans only understood Simone Legno’s art through fashion jujube tokidoki made by LeSportSac.

The fashion bag company began producing Tokidoki merchandise in 2006 and since then Tokidoki art is quickly moving into the biggest market of pop culture.

The Tokidoki-LeSportsac collaboration has proven to be thus successful that the fashion bags have been known to sell for about four times their retail value on E-bay. There are even issues with faux Tokidoki fashion bags being passed down as the real thing. This problem is so bad that inside 2007 a blog was created by Tokidoki to help buyers avoid purchasing a reproduction.

The cute Tokidoki art is just not the only thing that has made this particular LeSportsac line so popular. Each and every bag comes with a Tokidoki character keychain called a Qee. These kinds of keychains have become a favorite collector’s item among Tokidoki enthusiasts.

Fans are now awaiting the new Tokidoki bags for ’08. LeSportsac is going to remove their label from the bags and they’re going to be branded as Tokidoki only. These new hand bags will be available in 8 styles. There will be 4 new designs for 2008: a fun print featuring carnival foods named Carnival, Eco-Mondo – a print for lovers in the environment, a punk motif called Concerto Punk, as well as the last will be a plain black design featuring Adios, Fantasmino, and Nana on the lining.

It is amazing what the proper collaboration can do for the fashion world and for those engaged. Now, the Cactus Friends, a group of very prickly anime-style cartoons wearing cactus costumes in order to protect themselves from the harshness of the world, the Moofia, a cute but fierce assortment of cartoons representing the different types of milk that are consumed all over the world, and Adios, the Grim-reaper, along with his girlfriend, Ciao Ciao, are becoming household names. The heart and cross-bones and other Tokidoki depictions have become everyday sights. Due to a series of collaborations, Tokidoki items now range from apparel to footwear and coming from toys to sporting goods.