Series of nism exam

Updated: October 10, 2017
Nism Exam

Nism is national level financial competitive exam which greatly helps you to get financial related jobs. Generally this exam has divided in to eight different series. In this article let us discuss about the first four series.

Nism Exam

Series 1 – currency derivatives

Main objectives

Currency derivative is abbreviation for CD, this examination basically gives knowledge over working in currency derivate. This examination is mainly conducting to create the minimum knowledge in the sector of currency derivatives, which greatly helps to understand the currency in markets and exchanged traded currency derivatives, gaining knowledge about settlement mechanism and some of the basic investment techniques.

In this series you have to answer 100 questions in 2 hours, for every wrong answer there will be a negative mark of 25%. If you attain 60% then you have qualified to get job related to currency derivatives.

Series 2 – registrars and transfer agent

Main objectives

This examination is mainly increase the basic knowledge of securities and security market. It is best to understand the factors and functions of registrars and transfer agents. This will greatly helps you to start your career. The assessment structure is same as series 1.

Series 3 – securities intermediaries’ compliance

Man objectives

It is best to understand the structure of financial and the security marketing in India. Try to be keen about regulatory frame work and the role of various regulators. Understand the various regulations and importance of other security markets. This makes you to get pass in the exam in an easy manner.

Series 4 – interest rate derivatives certification exam

If you want to get good grade in the examination then it is important to know the basics of fixed income, mechanism related to exchange traded interest, regulatory environment in which the interest rate derivative markets.

In all those four series it is very important to understand the analytical frame work with trading ad strategies involved.

The above are the first four series in NISM certification examination. Without proper training and practice it is very important to get pass in this exam. Once you have started to prepare then you will get some knowledge related to your field. If you have cleared your exam then it is very easy to work with the professionals with the help of the basic knowledge which you have gained while preparing for your NISM exam.